Embark on a volunteer mission trip to Africa with Cross-Cultural Solutions. See and experience Kenya like only the locals do. A volunteer trip abroad will change you. Change the way you see other cultures. Maybe even change what you do with your life. All while you change the lives of others for the better. Ultimately, the two week trip is an adventure of a lifetime. Meet real people and families– learn with them, share a meal with them, and shop at their local markets. Provide support at local orphanages, schools, community-led organizations and clinics. You will discover an incredible part of the world and its people, history, and culture, all while you make a difference. Here is what’s included in your program fee = $3000; Room & board accommodation, healthy home-cooked meals, 24-hour security, immersive cultural activities in- country transportation, travel medical insurance, Visa application fees, round trip ticket, and a visit to see the spectacular wildlife and incredible nature of the motherland. The JNN youth mission will be travelling from Delaware to Kenya. contact us if interested.

Upcoming Trips

Medical Mission Trip to Kenya, November 7 through August 2014.


How it Works

The program for the trip is $3,000 per person including airfare.  This cost covers housing, food, ground transportation, insurance, professional on-site leadership, and helps contribute toward basic on-site necessities. JNN Foundation will take care of all the logistics, visas, work permits and licenses so that your time is well spent working providing medical care.  JNN will also purchase the insurance, and arrange all meals, housing, ground transportation and projects.


JNN will seek suitable accommodations that are secure and provides comfortable amenities.  Accommodations may be simple and rustic, but comfortable.

Weekly Itinerary

The weekly itinerary consists of:

  • Saturday: Church and concert activities
  • Sunday: Orientation, prep for the week, meet the children, walk through town
  • Monday – Thursday: Camp and work, special evening activities
  • Friday: Cultural morning activity, buffet lunch, sight-seeing

Before You Travel…

We strongly recommend reading our List of Key Considerations before embarking on your missionary trip.

The Ten Guidelines

JNN Foundation has outlined The Ten Guidelines that will aid your mission and help you and our organization to be successful.

Sample Support Letter

Provided is a Sample Letter that you may use for soliciting support, outreach and awareness of your missionary trip. In your letter, try to include the following:

  • Information about the dates, destination, and nature of the medical project you will participate in.
  • Why you are going and what the team will be working to accomplish.
  • The cost of your trip and how they can help.
  • A request for their partnership through prayerful and financial support.

Raising Support

MMI projects are beautiful team efforts. And raising support for your medical mission trip is a great way to expand your team. It is important to remember that the objective is not just to raise money; it is to allow others to partner with you in this ministry.  Allowing others to partner with you in ministry – and not simply raising funds to go. We approach all we do with an intentional focus on PEOPLE: the project participant, the patient on the field, AND even the donors at home who helped get you to the field. So please know how important it is to us to dignify fully everyone across the landscape of the entire JNN Foundation team – both you and everyone who makes your efforts successful! If you are part of a group of project participants from the same church or community, make the most of your efforts by working together as a team to raise support. As you begin this faith-building process, please follow the ten guidelines listed below for raising ministry support.

Applying for a Mission Trip

Are you ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime? We need both medical and non-medical personnel.  You can apply online, or download, print, and mail the application. Many of those who go on JNN Foundation projects raise support to pay for some or all of their trip costs. With this in mind, we’ve assembled key information and a sample support letter. If you are interested in learning more about our mission trips to Kenya and would like to inquire about booking a trip for you or your group, please submit our Medical Mission Trip Registration form.

To apply online you will need:

  • A valid email address
  • A credit card for a $100 deposit toward your project costs
  • Your passport number
  • Emergency contact information
  • Choose a project from our Calendar


Charity begins at home, but should not end there.

— Proverb

Did You Know?

One in six African children dies before the age of five. Most of these deaths could be prevented.

— Africa 2015

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